When your potential customers see your business as they pass by, your hand crafted wooden sign can say so much about your business. This type of sign communicates so well:


Care & Detail– A hand crafted sign gives your customers the impression that you are personally involved in your business. All the way down to the minor details. You put love, thought and detail into the work that you do.


Natures Touch (Non-Mechanical) – With mechanical, plastic and other “cold” types of modern signage being the norm, a wooden sign stands out as something, warmer, more human and more relatable to the customer.


“Historical” Look – Wooden signs are a nod back to the early days of signage, suggesting that your business is well-run enough to have lasted over the decades, and that your history is one of prosperity.


High Quality Materials – We use high quality locally sourced materials at Sea To Sky Sign Co. including our selection of woods, pole brackets, bracket blades and paint. This allows this sign to become the unique “face” of your business to the public for many years to come.


While other signage options may be flashier, a wooden sign is mature, self-respecting, and sophisticated, letting your customers know that you aren’t desperate for their attention because your business already receives it on its own merits.

Cedar is a far more environmentally friendly option being biodegradable, but the process in which they’ve been created has a significantly smaller carbon footprint than standard metal and plastic signs plus, it wont end up in land-fill!

Cedar sandblasted signs have an amazing aesthetic. Not only does the rustuc nature of the signs emit a wholesome ambiance but it also compliments the beautiful architecture and surrounding nature that can be found along the Corridor.

By supporting a local business that sources locally produced timber and materials to fabricate signage straight to your company. This puts money back in to the community and keeping it in the community helps us all to grow and prosper!

Depending on your location in Whistler or Squamish not only will your business stand out but you’ll also be adhering to local signage regulations and bylaws!

Already bug and rot resistant, individual boards of Cedar have been Kiln dried and prepared with products that will withstand everything the elements have to throw at it. 

The Sea to Sky Sign Company also offers laser etching on wood. The esthetic leands really well to up market brands and works seamlessly on designs with more intricate areas.

Laser Burning is also veco friendly because it burns the graphic directly into to wood, using no extra materials that can end up as waste. works great on designs with more intricate areas.


Another great benefit of using a laser etched sign is its minimal offset on the environment. In comparison to other forms of sign fabrication, the use of the laser  is a far more eco-friendly option.


Whistler has a rich history of maintaining its premiere Mountain Resort with the similar aesthetic to which it was originally constructed in. 

The use of Cedar signs is not only a regulation in some zones of Whistler but also compliments and creates a cohesive aesthetic in line with the mountain town architecture that has been cultivated. 




Like Whistler, Squamish has also has zones that requires wooden signage to be present. This style helps in maintaining a small mountain town characteristic as well as allowing businesses to reflect they too, are eco-conscious.


We’re big on community and because of this we only purchase locally produced Cedar for your sign, which in turn helps the local economy. As the wood is native to Northwestern America and Southwest Canada, it also has a natural resistance to moisture, rot and insects.   

Red Cedar also has a beautiful natural grain that is exposed once blasted, creating an effect matched by no other technique.



As we’re always striving to be ever more environmentally conscious, we only use water-based paint and solvents to coat and seal your sign. We’re able to finish your sign in any colour under the sun and have the ability to match Pantones too.



As each sign is custom built, shaped, blasted and finished the length of time it takes to complete each sign can vary. We will ensure we work hard to have your sign ready for its deadline.



We’re able to produce signs of any shape, size and colour with just about any kind of design that you have in mind. 

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